ctDx the Comprehensive Liquid Biopsy Platform

The ctDx platform uses next-generation sequencing (NGS) and a standard peripheral blood sample. This non-invasive assay platform has been validated to detect all four major types of genetic alterations known to drive cancers.
Turnaround time is measured in days, not weeks.

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Tumor evolution in real-time

Longitudinal monitoring offers the ability to monitor tumor evolution over time and under treatment. Allelic frequencies can change quickly. At disease progression, it becomes critical to have a comprehensive genotype to look for resistance mechanisms.

Patients and Clinicians

Patients are why we are here. We have all been touched by cancer. Helping patients drives us to make the best diagnostics available.

Research Collaborators

Clinicians stand at the frontline of care. As the director of patient care, we work with them to provide critical information.


Treatment starts with effective therapies. We work with biotech and pharmaceutical companies to support their clinical trials and do biomarker discovery.